Welcome! How Does Chiropractic Adjustment Work?

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How Does Chiropractic Adjustment Work?


All the bones and joints in your body have lots of muscles that attach to them. It’s the muscles that determine and control how the bones and joints move and how they are positioned at rest. The muscles are controlled by the messages coming from the brain through the spinal cord and the nerves.

Sometimes, a negative stimulus to your body such as stress, an allergy, chemicals or a fall can affect the nerves and cause altered communication between the brain and the muscles. This miscommunication can either cause muscles to become disproportionately tight or weak. This causes a decrease in the available movement between the joints, causing stiffness and pain.

Chiropractors perform adjustments and specialised nerve endings inside the joint, called proprioceptors, send impulses to very specific parts of the brain to reset those messages and restore normal tone to the muscles.

By restoring the normal communication between the brain and the muscles you should get an instant improvement in movement. The pain might take 1 or 2 days to disappear after an adjustment as there is often residual inflammation to clear.