We offer the following products for sale:


The Dr. Graeme General Purpose Massager is the latest model produced by a Melbourne based chiropractor. It is extremely easy to use and capable of a wide variety of tasks ranging from relaxation massage through to specific deep tissue work. It features:

  • An ergonomic handle that makes it easy to reach all parts of your body.
  • An easy to use thumb switch speed control. Change from relaxing to high penetration.
  • Your $85 investment is backed by a 12 month warranty.



Nutritional Supplements

We stock Metagenics Supplements to support you nutritionally. Metagenics is the industry leader in Australia due their commitment to rigorous research and their use of the highest quality ingredients and raw materials. 

Metagenics ensures their products are comprised of safe, low reactive ingredients formulated for exceptional absorption.

Metagenics produce a practitioner-only range that provide products for the treatment of a range of disorders and general health. Being a practitioner-only range means you get stronger, more effective products without the fancy packaging. 

We are able to order any Metagenics product you require. Remember that we can authorise  a Direct Order Facility for you. Metagenics will then dispatch directly to you, so  you'll have continued support to the health of yourself and your family.

The range we regularly carry includes:

  • Arthrex Powder Comprehensive Joint Nutrition 

  • BioPure Bioactive Undenatured Whey Protein

  • Calmex Calming and Acidity Support For Stress

  • C UltraScorb II Powder pH Adjusted Vitamin C Supplement with Hesperidin and Cysteine

  • Digestone Helps Maintain Healthy Digestive Function

  • Fibroplex Plus Magnesium Supplementation for Muscular Pain

  • Glucosamine Intensive Care Joint Support Complex to Assist Mobility

  • Hemagenics Intensive Care Highly Absorbable Iron and Vitamin B Complex

  • Inflavonoid Intensive Care For Acute Pain and Joint Inflammation

  • Kaprex For Temporary Relief of Pain and Inflammation in Arthritis

  • Krill Oil One a Day, Clinically Trialled Krill Oil

  • Meta EPA/DHA High Potency Marine Lipids with Low Reflux

  • Myoplex For Muscular and Nervous System Support

  • NeuroCalm A Herbal Blend Beneficial for Stress, Nervous Tension and Mild Anxiety

  • OsteoPlus Hydroxyapatite and Epimedium for Osteoporosis

  • Pregnancy Care Specialised Nutrition for Pregnancy and Lactation

  • Prime Essentials Multivitamin Mineral Protection for Cellular DNA

  • Super Mushroom Complex Immune System Support

  • ThyroBalance For Maintenance of Normal Healthy Thyroid Function and Metabolism

  • Vitamin D3 1000IU For Strong Bones and Immune Health




Totally adjustable to suit any body type, the Complete Sleeprrr premium grade Memory Foam pillow is therapeutically contoured and designed by health professionals to give you the perfect neck support and alignment.

  • Two easily removable/re-workable inserts allow you to change the shape and height to suit your comfort and postural needs. 
  • Change the surface density to suit your own comfort needs by simply taking out the foam 'noodles' within the channels in the pillow's surface.
  • Pay only $89 for sound and supported sleep.

IceAid Reusable Cold Packs

These are great to keep handy in the freezer in case of injuries such as sprains and strains, burns, insect bites, etc.

A cold pack is the first thing to reach for whenever an injury occurs. Remember R. I. C. E.

R est to minimise further injury

I ce for its anti-inflamatory effect

C ompression to minimise further swelling

E levation to assist lymphatic drainage 

You pay only $12 for these re-usable cold packs.